Brother T-8420C

Features of T-8420C

Feed Method Can Be Switched To Suit The Sewing Application

A function to switch between needle feed and lower feed is equipped as a standard function. Needle feed is effective in preventing uneven material feeding, and lower feed prevents puckering and is ideal for making quick and frequent turns. The operator can select the optimum feed method according to the material and the process, so that sewing quality can be increased.

Easy Gauge Part Replacement

Cam adopted in the lateral position adjustment mechanism for the rotary hook base allows easy fine adjustments for clearance between needle and rotary hook point can easily be made, which greatly increases the efficiency of replacing gauge parts. Furthermore, a needle drop correction function (sideways) is provided, so that the needle drop position can still be adjusted to the center of the needle hole even if using commercially-available gauge parts. The gauge parts for previous models can still be used without any changes.

Enhanced Sewing Quality

Optimized floating presser foot for long pile materials
A micro-adjustable type floating presser foot, which can be slightly lifted to sew according to sewing materials, is equipped as standard. This device is ideal for controlling presser foot floating in materials that stretch easily and materials with long pile. It prevents damage to the material. In addition, articles can be handled with ease even when sewing curves.

Excellent Material Compatibility

The angle of the feed dog can now be adjusted. In addition, it is now much easier to adjust the height of the feed dog. Furthermore, the thread take-up amount can be adjusted, so that materials from light to medium weight can be sewn with -□□3 sub-classes. Adjustments can be made easily to the optimum settings, so that a wide range of different materials can be sewn.

Brother T-8420C Instruction Manual

Brother T-8420C Parts Book

Brother T-8420C Catalog


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